Climate change is real and its happening now. Most of us know that the earth is getting hotter, but do we really understand its causes or its impact? Read our introduction to climate change and join us as we take climate action to build a brighter future.


We can all make a difference - whether we're running a business or a household. See how changing your habits could change the world.

As greenhouse gases build up in the earths atmosphere, our planet is getting warmer. Extreme weather conditions, droughts and rising sea levels, are already affecting the environment and our livelihoods. These arent natural hazards; they are manmade by us through non-renewable energies. We all contribute to climate change every day, but that does not mean we cant also act now to limit the impact on wildlife, agriculture and global economies, not to mention human life. In the last century, average global temperatures increased by about 1 degree Celsius. If we carry on producing greenhouse gases at the same rate, the temperature could rise a further 4 degrees by the end of the century. This would be devastating for our planet and ecosystems, but we can cut the impact through climate action. Limiting this temperature rise to 2 degrees, instead of 4, would make climate change more manageable, while avoiding some potentially devastating effects. The Climate Summit 2014 saw leaders from all over the world boldly engaging over climate change to determine how individuals, businesses and policy makers can ensure the earths temperature does not rise by more than 2 degrees. Change is possible on any scale. 80% of our energy comes from carbon-based fuels, but the state of Schleswig-Holstein in German is showing the world how renewable energy can be a reality. Its renewable sources like wind turbines are set to generate 100% of the states energy. If a whole state can move to renewable energy, we can all work together to achieve so much more for the planet. Climate change can and will affect more than just peoples lifestyles and wellbeing; it will take lives. But we slow it down and protect our children and great grandchildren. We can be part of something that future generations will thank us for. If there is one gift we can give them, lets make it a better planet. and see how changing your habits could change the world.


The project `s outcomes will be achieved by building on the success, lessons learnt and experience acquired from our Swap Shop and Climate Change Programme`` over the next 12 months we will deliver the following services;

Inspiring Low Carbon Transformation South Asian Youth Leadership Programe on Climate Change; this leadership programme will use innovative and creative approach to engage and increase the participation of South Asian Youths via photography, media, music, arts, films and short documentaries etc. This then will encourage youth-led recycling within the South Asian Community

Inspiring Low Carbon Transformation Outreach and Engagement Programme; focus on outreach awareness raising on recycling and home energy efficiency, to encourage low carbon life style within the community

Home Support Programme; provide one to one support on households on how to cut down on their energy consumption, how to recycle and make appropriate referrals as needed

Inspiring Low Carbon Transformation Information and Resource Facility; a culturally and socially accessible equip resource facility where they can access information on climate change, recycling, waste management and fuel poverty. The resource facility will also act as meeting place to meet others, learn and while it help address social isolation

Inspiring Low Carbon Transformation digital website and Mobile Apps; encourage household swap to take place online within people travelling while cut down on their carbon footprint and reduce waste into landfill. People who swap online will earn carbon credit. This space will also have constant update on how people should engage and participate

Inspiring Low Carbon Transformation South Asian Women Leadership Programme; will inspire more women from South Asian Community to take a more proactive role on climate change discuss, on recycling house hold waste and to have their voice hear within the community on this issue

Best practice Guide on how South Asian Women have been engaged to inform policy, practice and learning We are working on our activities and programme for the next 12 months which we will be posted on our website and advertise on Radio Awaz Look forward to working with you on this exciting project.

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