Our Journey Heritage Project

Many early South Asian migrants to Scotland are dying, taking their personal histories with them. The project will aim to record many of those memories before they are lost and to celebrate the history and achievements of Scotland`s South Asian community. Our Journey Heritage Project would like to collect memories of life in South Asia, experiences of migrating to the UK (Scotland) since the 1940's and adapting to life in Scotland. It will explore the different ways that migration affects personal identity. The project will also document the changing patterns of life of Scotland's South Asian community and will explore their integration in the community through a multi-faceted approach that includes themes of employment, practice of one's faith, social inclusion, choice of accommodation and areas where early migrants chose to settle. Eventually the project hopes to build an archive of resources to examine this migration through varied media such as storytelling, art, images, sound and videos.

Call For Volunteers

We are currently looking for volunteers for  Our Journey Heritage Project. 

To find out more or to register as a volunteer, please contact Gauri at;

Gauri Raje, Project Officer, Our Journey Project
Phone: 0141 420 6666
Direct:  0141 465 6198
Email:  gauri@awaz.org.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/awazheritageproject

Download Details

The first day-long training in reminiscence work and oral history techniques for volunteers is scheduled for 11th September 2017.

If you would like to join the training and learn ways of documenting memories with the elderly, both group work and one-to-one techniques, come and join us as volunteers before the 11th of September!

Contact Gauri on gauri@awaz.org.uk or 0141 465 6198. 

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